Piston Liner, 1.75" Ceramic

Piston Liner, 1.75" Ceramic

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Precision made medium and heavy duty ceramic liners.

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Piston Liner, 1.75" Ceramic

The majority of the ceramic liners manufactured by TRINITY are of a two part design. The inner sleeve is produced from either Zirconia (ZrO3) or Alumina (Al2O3).
The performance of Alumina in terms of wear life far exceeds that of traditional “chrome” liners. Zirconia has proven to have better impact strength, is harder, and can be honed to a finer surface finish than Alumina. The outer casing is produced from steel or stainless steel.

DISCLAIMER: FMC, Kerr, Myers Aplex, Weatherford, NOV and all other Manufacturers are in no way affliated with TRINITY Pumpworks, LLC.
The replacement parts offered are manufactured by or for Trinity Pumpworks, LLC. All prices are in USD.