Piston Rubber Kit, 4.75", Series K, 1.625" Bore

Piston Rubber Kit, 4.75", Series K, 1.625" Bore

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Series K
0.73 kg
high-intensity acrylonitrile butadiene rubber from Dupont® USA and Zeon Japan

Piston Rubber Kit, 4.75", Series K, 1.625" Bore


AISI 9260H - Alloy Steel / Spring Steel
DIN 1.0909
Surface Treatment: Zn composite
Galvanized by hot dipping.

AISI 9260H is an oil-hardening type of spring steel and tool steel recommended for repeated and severe impact service. This steel is widely used for heavy duty, shock resistant machine parts.

Retaining Plates

AISI 1010 - Low Carbon Steel
DIN 1.1121
Surface Treatment: Zn composite
Galvanized by hot dipping.

AISI 1010 is a low-carbon steel having good formability and weldability properties.
It is recommended for deep-drawing operations and for structural shapes and carburized parts.
This material is widely used in bushings, clutch discs, flanges, and thrust washers.

High Quality Rubbers

Standard and Strength Enhanced piston rubbers are produced from our own molds.
We offer high temperature and high-hydrogen sulfide piston rubbers which are purchased from carefully selected and qualified vendors.

Standard Pistons
are produced from acrylonitrile butadiene rubber which is suitable for ordinary drilling environments.
The max. working temperature is 120 deg°C / 248 F.
The max. pressure rating is 25Mpa / 3600 psi.
Customers can expect good wear and chemical / corrosion resistance.These rubbers are not recommended for oil based or high sediment concentration slurries.

Strength Enhanced Pistons
are produced from high-intensity acrylonitrile butadiene rubber material which is supplied by Dupont® and Zeon.
These pistons display excellent oil and wear resistance and super compressive strength. Our strength enhanced pistons are ideal for oil-based mud and higher silt / sand content. The life expectancy of Standard piston rubber will be significantly shorter than the Strength Enhanced piston rubber in the same application.


Acrylonitrile: 27%; Standard method-ASTMD-3533
Mooney viscosity (ML1+4 @1000C): 48%; Standard method-ASTMD-1446
Ash: 0.4%; Standard method-ASTMD-5667
Volatility: 0.4%; Standard method-ASTMD-5668
Tensile Strength: 25Mpa; Standard method-ASTMD-412
Elongation: 460%; Standard method-ASTMD-412
Tear Strength: 55kg/cm; Standard method-ASTMD-624
Density: 0.98g/cm3

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